Lichenes exsiccati Sueciae, fasc. 12, redegit Th. Fries
(IndExs #407379925)
Abbreviation: Fries, T., Lich. Exs. Suec. [Upsaliae; fascicle XII]
Editor(s): Theodor (Thore) Magnus Fries
Range: 331-360
Notes: fungi/lichens, algae/cyanobacteria; preceded by Stenhammar, Lich. Exs. Suec. [Norcopiae] (#271-330); superseded by Fries, Lich. Exs. Suec. [Lundae] (#361-390); this is fascicle XII of the whole series (despite a label from M in IndExs suggesting it belongs to a different series)