Minute Man National Historic Park and Walden Woods (Biodiversity Day II; 2009)
Authors: Scott LaGreca, Doug Greene & Kay Fairweather.

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Families: 33
Genera: 72
Species: 134
Total Taxa: 134

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Brown Cobblestone Lichen
Cinder Sunken-disk Lichen
Common Button Lichen; originally reported as Buellia stillingiana
Lemon Candle-flame Lichen
Sand-loving Iceland Lichen
Stalkless Cladonia
Lipstick Powderhorn race; originally reported as C. macilenta var. bacillaris
Stubby-stalked Cladonia
Common British Soldiers
Smooth-footed Powderhorn
Dragon Cladonia
Golden Moonglow Lichen
Boreal Oakmoss Lichen
Common Greenshield Lichen
Common Script Lichen
Granite-speck Rim Lichen
Frosted Rim Lichen
Fluffy Dust Lichen; originally reported as L. lobificans
Smooth Axil-bristle Lichen
Salted Shield Lichen
Bottlebrush Shield Lichen
Hammered Shield Lichen
Powdered Ruffle Lichen
Powder-tipped Shadow Lichen
Orange-cored Shadow Lichen
Hooded Rosette Lichen
Blue-gray Rosette Lichen
Mealy Rosette Lichen
Star Rosette Lichen
Slender Rosette Lichen
Bottlebrush Frost Lichen
Common Coal-dust Lichen
A Sulphur-dust Lichen
Rough Speckeled Shield Lichen
Sinewed Ramalina Lichen
Scattered Rock-posy Lichen
A Grain-spored Lichen
Frosted Grain-spored Lichen
City Dot Lichen, Green Needle Lichen
Pixie Foam Lichen
Smooth Rock Tripe Lichen
Bushy Beard Lichen
Plitt's Rock-shield Lichen