Lichens of Virginia, USA
Authors: James Shelton
Locality: Virginia, U.S.A.

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[Imbricaria perforata (Wulfen) Körb., Lichen perforatus Jacq., Lobaria perforata (Wulfen) Michx., Parmelia erecta E. C. Berry, Parmelia hypotropoides Nyl. ex Willey, Parmelia perforata (Jacq.) Ach., Parmelia perforata f. integra Kremp., Parmelia perforata var. microspora Räsänen, Parmelia perforata var. replicata Meyen & Flot., Parmelia perforata var. santiagoënsis Räsänen, Parmelia perlata var. perforata (Jacq.) Koltz, Platisma perforatum (Wulfen) Hoffm.]
Moss on Tree Bark. Mixed Forest.,