Berkshire County
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Authors: Scott LaGreca and Robert Dirig
Locality: Berkshire County, Massachusetts (42.450100, -73.245400)

This checklist is based primarily on voucher specimens from Dick Harris' survey of Bartholomew's Cobble (1981-1982); the 2nd Tuckerman Lichen Workshop (1995); the 1998 and 2012 Andrews Forays; Phil May's survey of the summit of Mt Everett (1999); the 2010 and 2012 Berkshire BioBlitzes; and Scott LaGreca's survey of Windsor Jambs (2012). Nearly half of the vouchers used for this checklist were collected by Elisabeth Lay, mostly in the 1990s (now deposited at NY), which she graciously made available to us. Redetermined vouchers from Burnham's ''Lichens of the Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts'' (1918), deposited at CUP, provide a critical, historical component to this checklist. Almost all the voucher specimens used for this checklist are housed in the following herbaria: CUP, FH, MIN, MSC, NY, SRP, and the private herbaria of Robert Dirig and Scott LaGreca.

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Families: 68
Genera: 171
Species: 394
Total Taxa: 398

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Two MIN specimens of B. disciformis [865809 and 865810] were redetermined as B. erubescens by S. LaGreca in 2012.; Williams s.n. [MIN], Williams s.n. [MIN], P. F. May 2493A [FH]
W. R. Buck 27762 [NY]
R. C. Harris 36417 [NY], R. C. Harris 36426 [NY]; P. F. May 2396 [FH]
R. C. Harris s.n. [NY01537492], R. C. Harris s.n. [NY01535757]; R. C. Harris s.n. [NY], R. C. Harris s.n. [NY]
The Rosentreter voucher (no. 15110) was verified by Scott LaGreca (2012) as well as by Ted Ahti (January, 2013, in duplicate).; R. Rosentreter 15110 [SRP]
On rock outcrop., Cells checked, 09 November 2010.; Scott LaGreca 2027 [CUP]
There is an unprocessed specimen from Burbank Park in LaGreca's backlog which may be this species; J. C. Lendemer 22500 [NY]
On rock., Apothecia immersed, 0.1-0.3 mm across, with orange inspersed crystals. Thallus, medulla K-, C-. Spores simple, hyaline, slightly ellipsoid (mostly round), with oil bodies. Dark hypothallus.; Dix, William, L. s.n. [DUKE], Scott LaGreca 2009 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 1994 [CUP]
MIN specimen 901158: Det. I. Brodo, 1962-1963; he notes: Disks C-; Apothecial margin K+ yellow, PD+ red. FH specimen 00389595 (May 5490): Lumbsch ID'd this with a '?'; contains virensic acid and atranorin.; Williams, M. s.n. [MIN], P. F. May 5490 [FH]
Spores large, lemon-shaped. With L. pulicaris.; Scott LaGreca 2010 [CUP]
W. R. Buck 27705 [NY]
W. R. Buck 27735 [NY], W. R. Buck 27786 [NY]
At base of hemlock along trail., Thallus K+ yellow, PD+ orange. Specimen young.; R. C. Harris 13519 [NY], P. F. May 2384A [FH], Scott LaGreca 1986 [CUP]
On vertical rock face., Determined in duplicate by J. Lendemer, who kept the duplicate for himself. He said the specimen is too poor to confirm the i.d. He didn't provide the chemistry.; S. A. LaGreca 1983 [NY], R. C. Harris 36535 [NY], J. C. Lendemer 22492 [NY], C. F. Reed 59934 [NY], more...
At base of dead stump., Determined in duplicate by J. Lendemer. He didn't provide the chemistry to me yet.; S. A. LaGreca 1980 [NY], R. C. Harris 36493 [NY], Scott LaGreca 1980 [CUP]
On semi-shaded, exposed rock outcrop., Determined by J. Lendemer; he didn't provide the chemistry (only the i.d.).; S. A. LaGreca 1984 [NY]
There is a duplicate of the linked CUP specimen in FH (barcode 01006676); Stewart H. Burnham s.n. [CUP]
At base of hemlock along trail., Apothecia biatorine, clear hymenium, C+ red in section. Hypothecium K+ purple. Spores 4-celled, 8/ascus.; P. F. May 2384B [FH], P. F. May 5290 [FH], P. F. May 5302 [FH], Scott LaGreca 1988 [CUP]
On rotting log in partly sunny opening., Apothecia buff, 0.1-0.2 mm, biatorine (ascus Bacidia-type), pale in cross-section, no epihymenium. Spores long, 2-celled, hyaline, 8/ascus, 8-10 x 2 um. Little black bodies appear to be pycnidia with ?rod-shaped conidia.; W. R. Buck 27682 [NY], Elisabeth Lay 95-0695 [Consortium], Elisabeth Lay 95-0961 [Consortium], P. F. May 2165A [FH], more...
On rock, interesting specimen. W. R. Buck 27668 [NY]
R. C. Harris s.n. [NY] from Bartholomew's Cobble. Confirmed by J. Miadlikowska, 2010.
R. C. Harris 13525, R. C. Harris s.n. [NY] from Bartholomew's Cobble.
On rock., Thallus and soralia K-, C-, KC-, P+ orange (stictic acid).; Scott LaGreca 1995 [CUP]
On edge of rock outcrop., With unknown crust: apothecial sections K +/- brown-red. Spores, 2-celled, dark, 8/ascus, constricted at septum, with evenly thickened walls.; Elisabeth Lay 93-0167 [Consortium], P. F. May 2383 [FH], Scott LaGreca 2002 [CUP]
R. C. Harris 36415 [NY]; Higginson s.n. specimen (FH) redetermined as P. pseudorussellii by Scott LaGreca; P. F. May 2397B [FH], P. L. Hinds... 3200 [MAINE], S. Higginson [Harvard University]
The 3 MIN vouchers were TLC'd and found to contain usnic acid only (870133 and 870135) and usnic/sekikaic/homosekikaic acids (870136). The latter is a rare chemotype of R. americana (see LaGreca's Ph.D. thesis, 1997).; Williams s.n. [MIN], Williams s.n. [MIN], Williams s.n. [MIN]
This record is based on a map of R. culbersoniorum in LaGreca's Ph.D. thesis (1997). The voucher specimen is deposited in either NY or US. Identification is tentative based on the chemistry of this specimen (Usnic and stenosporic acids).
May 5511 is databased as "Ropalospora viridis" but the label image indicates that it's actually Sarcogyne clavus; P. F. May 2163 [FH], P. F. May 2162 [FH], P. F. May 5511 [FH]
W. R. Buck 27684 [NY]
On old stump., Apothecia biatorine, brown and C+ red in cross-section, mostly 0.2-0.7 mm wide. Paraphyses anastamosing. Hypothecium brown/orange, hymenium clear, epihymenium green and granular. Spores hyaline, simple, ellipsoid, 8/ascus, 12 x 4um.; E. Lay 95-1008 [NY], E. Lay 95-0672 [NY], William R. Buck 27776 [NY], Richard C. Harris 36420 [NY], more...
On dead twigs., Too young to identify to species., source: LaGreca 2041; P. F. May 471-20 [FH], Scott LaGreca 1981 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 2041 [CUP]
W. R. Buck 27680 [NY], W. R. Buck 27727 [NY], W. R. Buck 34548- Interesting specimen: thallus green when wet [NY], W. R. Buck 34560 [NY]