Windsor Jambs
Authors: Scott LaGreca
Citation: LaGreca, S. 2012. The lichens of Windsor Jambs, Massachusetts. Evansia 29: 93-100.

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Families: 26
Genera: 44
Species: 69
Total Taxa: 71

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On rock., Medulla K-. Poor material (sterile).; Scott LaGreca 1991 [CUP]
On moss on rotting stump near road., With Lepraria lobificans (no. 1785).; Scott LaGreca 1886 [Consortium], Scott LaGreca 2013 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 2016 [CUP]
On base of hemlock., Det. J.C. Lendemer, Oct. 2012; S. A. LaGreca 2162 [NY]
On rock outcrop., Cells checked, 09 November 2010.; Scott LaGreca 2027 [CUP]
On rock., Apothecia immersed, 0.1-0.3 mm across, with orange inspersed crystals. Thallus, medulla K-, C-. Spores simple, hyaline, slightly ellipsoid (mostly round), with oil bodies. Dark hypothallus.; Scott LaGreca 2009 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 1994 [CUP]
Apothecial section P+ red. With L. wisconsinensis.; Scott LaGreca 1996 [CUP]
Spores large, lemon-shaped. With L. pulicaris.; Scott LaGreca 2010 [CUP]
At base of hemlock along trail., Thallus K+ yellow, PD+ orange. Specimen young.; Scott LaGreca 1986 [CUP]
On vertical rock face., Determined in duplicate by J. Lendemer, who kept the duplicate for himself. He said the specimen is too poor to confirm the i.d. He didn't provide the chemistry.; S. A. LaGreca 1983 [NY], Scott LaGreca 1978 [CUP]
On bark., Atranorin (+++), stictic acid (+), zeorin (++), and probably constictic acid (trace). TLC slide #4-18, TLC plate #Eagle Hill 2010 plate #4.; Scott LaGreca 1785 [Consortium], Scott LaGreca 1784 [CUP]
At base of dead stump., Determined in duplicate by J. Lendemer. He didn't provide the chemistry to me yet.; S. A. LaGreca 1980 [NY], Scott LaGreca 1980 [CUP]
On semi-shaded, exposed rock outcrop., Determined by J. Lendemer; he didn't provide the chemistry (only the i.d.).; S. A. LaGreca 1984 [NY]
At base of hemlock along trail., Apothecia biatorine, clear hymenium, C+ red in section. Hypothecium K+ purple. Spores 4-celled, 8/ascus.; Scott LaGreca 1988 [CUP]
On rock face at edge of gorge., Apothecia C+ red in cross-section, hyaline in water. Hymenium K-. Spores 4-celled, 8/ascus, 14-17.5 x 4 um.; Scott LaGreca 1998 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 1979 [CUP]
On rotting log in partly sunny opening., Apothecia buff, 0.1-0.2 mm, biatorine (ascus Bacidia-type), pale in cross-section, no epihymenium. Spores long, 2-celled, hyaline, 8/ascus, 8-10 x 2 um. Little black bodies appear to be pycnidia with ?rod-shaped conidia.; Scott LaGreca 1982 [CUP]
On fallen birch limb with P. stellaris., Same specimen as P. stellaris., source: LaGreca 2064
With a bit of P. millegrana Degel. (smaller, sorediate).; Scott LaGreca 2064 [CUP]
On rock., Spores not seen! Together with P. soredizodes, & ?Amandinea punctata? (=smaller apothecia).; Scott LaGreca 1993 [CUP]
Spores hyaline, ellipsoid, simple, halonate, 8/ascus.; Scott LaGreca 2050 [CUP]
On rock., Thallus and soralia K-, C-, KC-, P+ orange (stictic acid).; Scott LaGreca 1995 [CUP]
On edge of rock outcrop., With unknown crust: apothecial sections K +/- brown-red. Spores, 2-celled, dark, 8/ascus, constricted at septum, with evenly thickened walls.; Scott LaGreca 2002 [CUP]
Medulla K-, C-, P-, UV-. Bearing pycnidia only, with tiny, rod-shaped conidia.; Scott LaGreca 1997 [CUP]
At edge of siliceous rock outcrop., Gyrophoric acid. LaGreca TLC slide #SLG-2, TLC plate #EagleHill2010#8.; Scott LaGreca 1990 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 2008 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 1788 [CUP]
On dead stump in shade., Poor material (det. based on color alone).; Scott LaGreca 1976 [CUP]
On old stump., Apothecia biatorine, brown and C+ red in cross-section, mostly 0.2-0.7 mm wide. Paraphyses anastamosing. Hypothecium brown/orange, hymenium clear, epihymenium green and granular. Spores hyaline, simple, ellipsoid, 8/ascus, 12 x 4um.; Scott LaGreca 2005 [CUP]
On vertical rocks, at end of fenced-in area, overlooking gorge.; Scott LaGreca 2055 [CUP]
On dead twigs., Too young to identify to species., source: LaGreca 2041; Scott LaGreca 2041 [CUP], Scott LaGreca 1981 [CUP]