Dataset: SRP
Taxa: Gyalectaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Boise State University Lichen Herbarium

SRP-L-0001035Mikki McGee   mm06212005-09-02
U.S.A., California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA., 37.599999 -122.400002

Gyalecta jenensis (Batsch) Zahlbr.
SRP-L-0001036A. DeBolt   20821995-08-01
Canada, Alberta, Cliffs by Whitehorse Creek, approximately 4 km S of Cadomin on Hwy 40., 52.966667 -117.333336, 1600m

SRP-L-0001037Thomas D Trana   13333A1986-09-06
U.S.A., Minnesota, St. Louis, Boundary Waters Canoe Area. W of Little Indian Sioux River, 1/2 mile N of USFS Route 116; 24 mi. NW of Ely, 48.133333 -92.216667, 396m

Pachyphiale fagicola (Hepp) Zwackh
SRP-L-0005559Thomas D Trana   142221986-09-16
U.S.A., Minnesota, Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area. SW corner of Little Gabbro Lake, 11 miles ESE of Ely., 47.866699 -91.616699

Bryophagus gloeocapsa Nitschke ex Arnold
SRP-L-0012449Lars-Erik Muhr   104321987-08-19
Sweden, Varmland, Norra Finnskoga, c. 4 km N of Brattmon, of river Tasan, 100 m W of Digerfallet., 60.783333 12.766667, 230m

Gyalecta ulmi (Sw.) Zahlbr.
SRP-L-0012763R. Türk   s.n.1978-07-00
Austria, Salzburg, Westösterreich; unweit Zagl am Hintersee in der Osterhorngruppe, 760m

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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