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Herbario de Líquenes de la Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina

Dirinaria picta (Sw.) Clem. & Schear
1435   13511982-05-00
Papua New Guinea, Moroboe Province, Takwoi River, 2 km NW of Menyamya.

Lobaria isidiosa (Müll.Arg.) Vain.
1436   13521981-01-00
Papua New Guinea, Moroboe Province, logging area, 15 km W of Bulolo, 1500m

Heterodermia obscurata (Nyl.) Trevisan
1499   13531982-05-00
Papua New Guinea, Moroboe Province, Yakawai River, 2 km NW of Menyamya, 1300m

Heterodermia dactyliza (Nyl.) Swinscow & Krog
1500   13541982-00-06
Papua New Guinea, Moroboe Province, Nauti logging area, Upper Waltu River, 11 km SW of Bulolo. Araucaria dominated lower montane forest besides small gully, 1200m

Heterodermia diademata (Taylor) D. D. Awasthi
1501   13551982-06-00
Papua New Guinea, Western Highlands Province, Forestry Station Kagamuga, 9 km E of Mount Hagen. Plantation of exotic and local trees, 1560m

1580   14331982-00-07
Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province: Heads Hump, 6 km SE of Bulolo. Castaneopsis dominated ridge, 1000m

1581   14341982-04-00
Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands Province. Track to Mt. Michael, 5 km SW of Lufa. Disturbed montane forest on ridge, Castaneopsis dominated, 2000m

Sphaerophorus murrayi Ohlsson ex Tibell
1582   14351981-01-00
Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province: Slate Creek & Gumi Greek Divide, 17 km W of Bulolo. Montane forest ridge, recently logged for Agathis alñba, Phyllocladus & fagaceae., 2100m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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