Anonymous, Reliqu. Tuckermanianae [Cambridge (Massachusetts)]
Anonymous [1 - 150]
IndExs #620716690

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 125554
H. N. Bolander #s. n.
Rinodina sabulosa Tuck.
United States, California, no data, No data

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium
Catalog #: UC612647
H. N. Bolander #s.n.
Rinodina conradii Korb.
United States, California

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: YU.240474
Henry N. Bolander s.n.
Rinodina sabulosa Tuck.
United States, California, Madera, State of California

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-L-0086472
Henry N. Bolander #s.n.
Rinodina conradii Körb.
United States, California, no additional information given